Professional Collaboration for the benefit of those we serve

The Accountant-Lawyer Alliance is the largest group in the world dedicated to promoting integrity, efficiency and cooperation between professionals to service clients and to facilitate the development of successful practices.

With over 70,000 members in our LinkedIn group, we also serve as a powerful force to present our viewpoints, to share our knowledge and best practices and to negotiate favorable vendor service arrangements on behalf of the group.

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Welcome to the ALA Community Website

Membership Directory

Members of the ALA Community are able to customize their profile of information, in order to have a personal aspect to our professional collaboration.

Discussion Forum

The front lines of our mission: collaboration in both practical and theoretical knowledge between accountants and lawyers. Sub-threads can be created under any main category.

Code of Ethics

Our network of professionals subscribe to the mission of cooperation and collaboration. This is the core of our community and will be the driving force behind all advancements in this group effort.

We want to hear from our professionals!

The ALA Community is a place to network and grow, driven by our member activity. If there are any comments you have to help us grow and develop, please voice them in the discussion forum or contact us!